Friday, October 16, 2015

3 Benefits of Effective Telecom Expense Management Software

Aside from the obvious benefit of financial savings, there are other significant benefits to utilizing effective Telecom Expense Management Software. At GSI, our Bill Genie TEM software offers our clients a vast amounts of benefits and increased convenience. Not to mention, it has also saved our clients millions of dollars on telecom expenses. Here are 3 major benefits of our highly effective telecom expense management software:

1. TELECOM DATA ORGANIZATION:  Our TEM software organizes and tracks important telecom billing and inventory information, including total spend, service maps, usage data and mobile phone inventory.

2. BILL CONSOLIDATION: We have software automation built into our platform that consolidates dissimilar billing data and bill formats from various telecom providers to a common bill repository for analysis and review.

3. ENSURES COMPLIANCE: Our Bill Genie TEM software ensures telecom contract terms and service providers are in full compliance.

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