Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Wireless Expense Management Is So Important

The evolving nature of the wireless industry and mobile services makes wireless expense management imperative to improve your company’s profit margins. Thousands of dollars can be wasted month after month if you are being improperly charged or overcharged, have employee abuse, are in need of an updated contract or have poor inventory controls.  Hiring a experienced TEM firm like ours can save your company significantly while actually improving your wireless services. The benefits of comprehensive wireless expense management include:

  • Inventory management and order/MACD management & execution
  • Savings Opportunity with drill down to user detail
  • Usage & Spend Reporting with comparative metrics and implementation of approved savings opportunities
  • Access to raw call & data usage detail and Associate users to wireless devices
  • Option to re-bill Pooled expenses based on actual usage
  • Wireless lifecycle support

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