Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So What is Wireless Expense Management? | Wireless Cost Reduction

Wireless expense management is much more than just putting you and your employees on a “cheaper” wireless plan or trying to negotiate a discount with your provider. We call our wireless expense management “wireless optimization” because we focus on retaining optimal mobile services for your business, while minimizing costs, eliminating extraneous fees, and renegotiating wireless contracts to your company's benefit.  Our wireless expense management services are extremely comprehensive. We take the time to understand each end user  while simultaneously looking at the group as a whole. As a part of our wireless expense management services, we will conduct a thorough wireless audit, which will include:
  • Analyzing all voice, data, features, taxes and billable services
  • Wireless contract negotiation or renegotiation
  • A detailed plan to lower the current wireless spend and create long term wireless cost reduction
  • Ongoing support using our web-based Telecom Expense Management tool, Bill Genie
The benefits of wireless expense management are enormous and have a “real” monetary value for your business.  Minimizing your mobile costs, while maximizing your service and profitability is the core of our wireless expense management services.  Feel free to call us today for a complimentary consultation on our wireless optimization.

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