Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 Keys To Effective Telecom Consulting | Telecom Consultants

Telecom consulting can be a broad and often misunderstood term.  In general telecom consulting involves creating a telecom expense management plan that offers service optimization and significant savings on both telecom and wireless expenses.  To see real savings long term, you need a comprehensive and effective TEM plan and experienced telecom consultants.  3 keys to effective telecom consulting include:

Bill Review: An in-depth review of your invoices, telecom contracts and usage will help to maximize value and minimize expenses. A systematic approach to this will reveal billing errors and excesses. 

Telecom Audits: A telecom audit includes all of your telecommunications and wireless services. Typically for most clients this includes: local service, long distance, toll free, wireless, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and data services. The audit will uncover areas for long term telecom savings.

TEM Software: Using such sophisticated TEM software as Bill Genie, your telecom consultant can enhance your savings through automation, monitoring, and reporting. You want to be sure that every opportunity for savings is being exhausted.

We specialize in telecom consulting with a focus on long term telecom expense reduction.  Our telecom consultants are knowledgeable, responsive and experienced. We offer contingency based telecom audits so there is no up front fee and no risk. We can help you maximize your telecom savings and profits.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Holidays & Best Practices from Global Solutions Inc. | Telecom Audit Specialists

First and foremost we would like to wish you a happy holiday season and prosperity in the New Year. Many business owners spend time at the end of the year evaluating their business and its finances.  Starting the New Year with significant savings, can be a definite plus.  Here are a few tips and best practices that can save you money on your telecom expenses in the New Year…

SCHEDULE A TELECOM AUDIT: Ending this year or starting next year with a contingency telecom audit can help set you up for success and increased profits. The significant savings that most telecom audits result in can be reinvested wisely into your business. Rather than overpaying on phone bills, you can spend that money on such things as marketing, employee raises or infrastructure.

WIRELESS CONTRACT REVIEW: Dealing with wireless contracts and service plans for your company and employees can be overwhelming. Hiring a company like ours to thoroughly review, analyze and renegotiate your current wireless agreements can save your company money long term.  Wireless plans and programs constantly change, so we will be your eyes and ears to continually ensure that you are maximizing your mobile cost reduction now and going forward.

BE OPEN TO OPPORTUNITY: Sometimes we can resist change, even when we are not happy with our current situation. Start the New Year with an open mind. If you have been putting off a telecom audit or TEM consultation, make it a point put it on your calendar now with a firm deadline for implementation. Opportunity for improved telecom services and savings may be right underneath your nose, and we can help uncover it for you.

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