Thursday, June 25, 2015

Want To Save On Your Telecom Expenses & Stay With Your Carrier: Use GSI’s Directed Negotiations

As a leader in Telecom Cost Reduction we have over 20 years of success in telecom expense management. GSI saves companies millions of dollars each year with our services, including our directed contract negotiations. This service gives you the benefit of being able to keep your carrier, but still gain substantial savings on costs. 

GSI provides the expertise, resources and industry knowledge to guarantee best practice pricing, terms and service levels. Negotiation is the key to maximizing value while minimizing dollars spent. GSI's directed telecom contract negotiation benefits include:

  • We give you the ability to know how you’re doing in relation to the deals other companies are getting
  • We make frequent negotiations practical
  • We’ll pull your data together into formats that facilitate apples-to-apples comparisons - with speed and efficiency
  • We bring decades of negotiating experience and insight into how each carrier operates which allows us to find all opportunities to reduce your spend
  • We know emerging services – with a combination of high-level understanding of industry and technology developments coupled with a deep crunching of your data

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