Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How To Start The New Year With Telecom Savings For Your Business

4th quarters can be very hectic for businesses, but are you too busy to save? Starting off 2016 with lower telecom expenses and increased profits is an ideal way begin the year, and the 4th quarter is a great time to set the stage. At GSI, telecom savings is our specialty. So what can you do to start the new year with telecom savings? 

1. Schedule A Telecom Audit: Typically for most clients our audits include:  local service, long distance, toll free, wireless, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and data services. Our contingency based telecom audits are very effective at maximizing savings. We will review the bills for errors, improper charges and report back with savings and refund opportunities.  Upon approvals, GSI then implements and validates savings.  

2. Renegotiate Your Telecom Contracts: We specialize in the analysis and negotiation or re-negotiation of telecommunication & wireless contracts. As industry experts, GSI will evaluate and scorecard existing contracts to determine savings opportunities.

3. Wireless Optimization: GSI’s wireless team helps companies quickly reduce wireless costs through our wireless expense management services. Our comprehensive wireless optimization includes analyzing all voice, data, features, and pay for services to lower the current wireless spend and create long term cost reduction.  We have extensive experience in wireless contract negotiation and will include this as part of the wireless audit review or as contract management engagement.

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