Tuesday, June 27, 2017

On The Horizon In Telecom

So what's on the horizon in telecom? There are always so many impressive advances in this industry. Keeping abreast of the growth and change can be absolutely overwhelming.

Here are a few notable telecom industry developments to take note of:


According to Deloitte, "US consumers are looking at their devices more than 9 billion times a day". This makes mobile telecom communications a target for techies and marketing gurus alike. Look for a flood of advancements in this arena as it continues to overshadow traditional desktop search.


The Internet of Things is exploding! Now with screens and connectivity being built into everything from our cars to our appliances, you will only see this trend head upward in both sophistication and accessibility.


According to Information Age, "the race for 5G is on and will continue apace in 2017". Constant field tests and intense product development will provide the groundwork to see this technology regularly used widespread very soon.

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