Saturday, December 15, 2012

Leveraging TEM Software| Telecom Expense Management

Some TEM companies utilize software only strategies, while others take a singular hands on personal approach.  To truly optimize your telecom savings, you need a comprehensive combination of both.  Our niche in telecom expense management is to proactively help reduce costs by leveraging the technology of web-based Bill Genie with GSI’s experienced and dedicated account managers who identify and implement approved savings. This creates a high ROI for clients.

This undeniably successful approach allows you as a client to implement proactive spend management, refocus employees on more strategic activities vs. labor inten-sive bill receipt & cost allocation process, improve visibility of business units and inventory.

Here are actual recent client savings that resulted from our Telecom & Wireless Expense Reduction
Healthcare Market
$1.6M in savings & refunds
$600,000 one time refund
Professional Service Group
$1.8M in total savings
$400,000 + refunds
42% wireless savings

Retail Industry
$51,000 billing refund
38% rate reduction
$324,000 contract savings udits, Expense Management, Contract Negotiations

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wireless World, Industry in Chaos! | Telecom Expense Management

Not too long ago there were five major wireless carriers in the U.S., and now there are only three, along with several regional vendors still in place today.  So everything’s supposed to be real simple now with the Mega Mergers?  Not really, just talk to most business clients and they’ll be happy to share the frustration of trying to figure out the difference between “Old Blue” and “New Orange” on one bill, and “Yellow” and “Red” on the other, not to mention several billing platform changes during the past couple of months, CD-ROM bills that don’t match up with the paper bill that Accounts Payable has to actually process, and another bill where none of the paid for plan minutes show up…and let’s not forget about the 27,000 rate plans and features and constant barrage of media ads focusing on the latest greatest handsets. 

Wireless is the fastest growing part of telecom for most companies through cell phones, Blackberry’s, PDA’s, laptop cards, and even two way radios.  It now accounts for 25% of the average bill for most companies and is expected to cross 30% in the next year or so.  It is also the most political service for because it’s so personal down to the last end user, so it’s imperative that companies have a cohesive wireless direction.

Even when companies have time to be proactive in attempting to identify wireless cost savings opportunities, they often lack the tools and necessary resources to have an effective and cohesive wireless direction to manage all areas of wireless spend.  So it’s imperative that companies have a solid strategy for controlling and reducing the wireless expenses.  “I couldn't believe GSI was able to come in a couple of billing cycles and cut our bills in half without changing carriers or features” (Olivier Lemaitre/CFO/Tiernan & Patrylo).

Strategies can be quickly implemented to reduce and control wireless costs by analyzing current expenses beginning with a contingency audit.  The initial audit includes a review of all current wireless bills, usage patterns, contracts, policy review or creation, optimization, as well as taxes paid.  GSI’s complete lifecycle strategy helps companies make a significant impact on the bottom line while protecting revenue on an ongoing basis through retained wireless optimization.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How & Why Companies Are Overpaying For Telecom Expenses

The high 80% plus error rate of traditional telecom bills such as local service, long distance, data services, and conference calling, coupled with increasing wireless costs, 27,000 various rate plans and features among cell phone carriers, and it’s easy to understand why the majority of businesses are overpaying for Telecom and Wireless services…especially when the bills are not being properly audited and validated by an industry expert with the proper tools.

The challenge many companies face is not having the time or in house industry expertise with the necessary resources to effectively get their arms around the various services and features.  It’s often a challenge just to pay and properly allocate the billing to the appropriate cost center on a monthly basis while staying focused on core competencies, much less audit the bill.

Global Solutions, Inc., a leader in telecom cost reduction strategies, has a 15 year track record of saving companies an average of over 26% on telecom and 30% on wireless expenses through traditional audits and contract negotiations to quickly impact the bottom line.  GSI’s ongoing telecom expense management and wireless optimization tools keep those savings in check on an ongoing basis to eliminate telecom waste.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Importance of Telecom Audits

A Telecom audit is of great financial importance for any organization. Between human error, missing small details in your contracts, time limitations when reviewing telecom bills, and the constant changes to technology and regulations, you may be significantly over paying for your telecom expenses without even knowing it.  Allowing your telecom expenses to go unchecked will continue to reduce your company’s profits.   To thoroughly examine your telecom expenses, institute the most cost efficient solutions, as well as renegotiate telecom contracts as needed, it’s usually recommended that an organization use either an automated telecom audit tool or a professional Telecom Expense Management firm… Well, we offer both!  

Telecom audits, if done properly, helps to detect and reveal even the smallest errors that are costing your company money. Not only do telecom audits assist in recovering lost revenue, but also ensures that those same expensive errors are not repeated.

If you are in need of a telecommunications audit, contact us today.  We are the leader in telecom audits and there are no up front fees or charges. We earn your business by finding savings. 

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cut Your Telecommunications Expenses!

Every company wants to cut costs and gain an edge on the competition. These bottom-line issues are the concern of executives who want to reshape their companies to meet the challenges of the new economy.  Electronic commerce, e-mail, online customer support, mobile work and sales forces are disruptive forces driving telecommunications needs today.
Telecommunication costs are fast becoming one of the largest expenses and most complex areas to challenge management for companies today.
It's no longer just a matter of adding more telephones and trying to get the lowest rate on minutes or data. If the telecommunications infrastructure is not adequate to meet the escalating demand placed on it, it will be an inhibitor of a company's growth.