Monday, April 11, 2016

4 Things Your TEM Consultant Should Know

Not all TEM Consultants are created equal. Choosing a telecom expense management consultant who is knowledgeable, capable and adaptable can be a challenge to say the least. There are very specific things that your TEM consultant should have a deep understanding of. In order to maximum your savings, you need to partner with the right consultant and the right firm. 

Here are 5 things your TEM Consultant Should Know:

1. CURRENT TELECOM AUDIT PROCESSES: As times and services changes, so should the processes and procedures your auditor uses. If your consultant utilizes dated processes, it can cost you a fortune in missed savings opportunities.

2. THE BEST TEM SOFTWARE: You want to work with a TEM consultant who has years of real-world experience and is aware of the best TEM software available to manage and optimization your telecom spend. There are so many options available, so their expertise is imperative in making the most beneficial decision. 

3. ALL CARRIER OPTIONS: Your TEM consultant should be very well versed in the various telecom carriers and the options they offer. This will put you at a distinct advantage when selecting a more advantageous plan.

4. HOW TO ACHIEVE LONG-TERM SAVINGS: Large one-time refunds or adjustments are great, but should not be their sole focus. Long term savings should be a primary goal of both your telecom audit and ongoing telecom expense management.

At GSI, we specialize in telecom expense consulting with a focus on long term telecom cost reduction. Our TEM consultants are knowledgeable, responsive, relevant and experienced.  We strategically and comprehensively create a telecom expense management plan that offers our clients significant savings on both telecom and wireless expenses.  

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