Tuesday, September 13, 2016

3 Telecom Don’ts

The world of telecom can be a complicated one. Sorting through all the new services, wireless options and technological advances can leave your head spinning. It can be easy to make rush decisions just to get things done, but these may not be the most advantageous choices for you company. 

Here are 3 Telecom Don’ts when it comes to your telecommunications choices:

1. DON’T GET PRESSURED INTO A RUSH DECISION: Don’t allow your telecom carriers to pressure you into making an uninformed decision. Always make sure you have time to fully review your services & terms. Also, hold them accountable for laying out all your options.

2. DON’T AUTOMATICALLY RENEW CONTRACTS: Putting your contracts on auto-pilot is often tempting, but may cost you significantly in the long run. When your contract comes up for renewal that is a time to negotiate for better rates, products and service plans. 

3. DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO GO IT ALONE: Telecom consultants have tremendous value. Contingency based telecom audits, wireless optimization and contract management are worth their weight in gold. Having the benefit of experience and TEM software on your side, can save your company thousands of dollars.

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