Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Future of Telecom

Change and telecom seem to always go hand in hand. So what does the future hold for the telecom industry? Staying ahead of the telecom curve can put your business at a cost and technology advantage. 

Here are 3 things that are on the horizon when it comes to the future the telecom industry:

1. Satellite Driven Communication: The future will likely see a great increase in satellite based communication. Satellites cover about 90% of the earth so they offer unmatched coverage. Cellular networks are unable to meet this level of communication coverage.

2. Transition To Real Time Video: Although this technology is widely available now, in the future it will be much more the norm. Improved accessibly, ease of use and seamless integration of video communication will likely catapult video communication tremendously.

3. Rise In Teleworking: Lightening fast, full service teleworking networks will offer extremely efficient in-home offices, video conferencing options and full scale virtual businesses. This will likely allow for a significant decrease in overhead for many businesses as well.  

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