Thursday, July 25, 2013

A 4-Pronged Approach To Telecom Expense Management

As a leader in the telecom expense management industry, we use an effective web-based telecom expense management software tool called Bill Genie. This comprehensive TEM software helps companies achieve total control over telecom expenses resulting in telecom cost reduction using a four pronged approach. Bill Genie is an outsource solution for all of your invoicing wishes.

  • Bill Genie validates every penny, and systematically examines bills for errors, credits, refunds, and accuracy.
  • Bill Genie also ensures contract terms and service providers are in compliance.
  • Eliminate late payment fees.

  • Automated A/P Mapping and GL Coding. Consolidate dissimilar billing data and bill formats from various telecom providers to a common bill repository for analysis and management review.

  • Bill Genie is a web-based application that controls spending.
  • Automatically flags billing errors.
  • Highlights first bills for accuracy review.

  • Bill Genie produces customized reports, inventory maintenance, usage, tracks historical usage and cost trends for budget preparation. Authorizes online bill approval and payment.

Our niche in the telecom expense management industry is coupling the unique TEM technology behind Bill Genie with our experienced account managers who help validate billing, implement savings, and manage other functions of day to day telecom and wireless management. Click here to learn more about our telecom expense management services.

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