Thursday, May 28, 2015

So What Is Bill Genie Anyway? | Telecom Audit Software

We will give you a hint. It has nothing to do with a magic bottle. Bill Genie is our innovative web-based telecom audit software that works in a comprehensive fashion to save your company money.  It works in many important capacities...

CFO:  Bill Genie controls spend levels to impact your bottom line.

CIO: Bill Genie provides timely and accurate reporting, and centralizes all contracts.

Controller/AP: Bill Genie automates ledger coding, current and historical data for budget, access to how bills are paid and disputed, and reconciliation.

IT Director/Telecom Mgr: Bill Genie tracks billing claims electronically, enables view of each invoice from the inbox to the paybox, provides inventory control for equipment and services, and access to web-based bills within 48 hours of receipt from the telecom vendor.

'"GSI identified and recovered overcharges for all of our brands from locations where charges slipped through the cracks. They also renegotiated and improved many of our existing contracts and services to contribute to significant savings. Overall, GSI has made a dramatic impact on our bottom line, they have accounted for every last penny, and we’ve completely outsourced bill management with GSI’s web-based Bill GenieSM..."                
CIO AFC Enterprises   

As a true leader in the telecom audit industry, we utilize Bill Genie to help companies achieve total control over their telecom expenses. The bottom line for us is producing long term telecom cost reduction for our clients. 

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