Thursday, October 11, 2012

How & Why Companies Are Overpaying For Telecom Expenses

The high 80% plus error rate of traditional telecom bills such as local service, long distance, data services, and conference calling, coupled with increasing wireless costs, 27,000 various rate plans and features among cell phone carriers, and it’s easy to understand why the majority of businesses are overpaying for Telecom and Wireless services…especially when the bills are not being properly audited and validated by an industry expert with the proper tools.

The challenge many companies face is not having the time or in house industry expertise with the necessary resources to effectively get their arms around the various services and features.  It’s often a challenge just to pay and properly allocate the billing to the appropriate cost center on a monthly basis while staying focused on core competencies, much less audit the bill.

Global Solutions, Inc., a leader in telecom cost reduction strategies, has a 15 year track record of saving companies an average of over 26% on telecom and 30% on wireless expenses through traditional audits and contract negotiations to quickly impact the bottom line.  GSI’s ongoing telecom expense management and wireless optimization tools keep those savings in check on an ongoing basis to eliminate telecom waste.

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  1. Telecom expense management is a complex and technical process that can be very challenging and expensive to manage in-house. Outsourcing this work is often necessary so be sure you select a reputable company so you don't overpay: after all, the whole point of TEM is to save money in the long run. There are some excellent TEM companies like Ruby+Solberg ( that benefit businesses by bringing together a team of expert telecom auditors, accountants, and legal experts that are dedicated toward relieving that burden, thus saving your company time and money.