Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Choose The Best Telecom Expense Management Software

So many company costs fall under the umbrella of telecom expenses. Minimizing these costs without compromising the extent and quality of your services can be challenging. This is one of the reasons telecom expense management software has become so popular and important. Still, all TEM software is not created equal. You have to select a platform that will optimize your ROI while remaining highly efficient. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing telecom expense management software:

REDUCE MANUAL PROCESSING: Quality TEM software should significantly reduce manual processes, including, data entry, coding and payment processing. Seamless automation should be a hallmark of your TEM software platform.

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: No matter how well the software itself works, if it is too confusing or cumbersome it will not serve you well. The best TEM software will easily sync with your telecom carriers, billing system and allow you web-based access to utilize the services. Reports should be easy to understand and show real-time savings. 

TRACK INVENTORY: All your telecom related inventory should be trackable and manageable through your TEM software. You should be able to easily approve purchases, view departmental usage and assess overall inventory expenses. 

But even the best telecom expense software is only as good as the TEM company behind it. Having the right telecom expense management company setting up your software and managing it behind the scenes for you is imperative to maximize real long term savings. Having an experienced TEM consultant manage your account is invaluable. It is the combination between technology and keen eye of a trained TEM analyst that will give you the very best results. At GSI, we offer the best telecom expense management software in the industry. Our TEM software, Bill Genie, offers extraordinary efficiency and results, which are evident in the millions of dollars we have saved our clients.  Call us direct to learn more.

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