Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Power Of A Telecom Expense Audit | TEM

Every company wants to cut costs and gain an edge on the competition. The experts at GSI can help your  company control telecom costs. Our comprehensive telecom expense audits will:

• Eliminate Billing Errors

• Recover Credits and Refunds

• Ensure Contract and Vendor Compliance

• Recommend Network Optimization Actions

Our certified telecommunications auditors have experience in working with the myriad of phone bills, formats, and vaguely discernible charges that are common occurrences on phone bills. We also utilize effective telecom audit software in our telecom audit process. This is an actual client testimonial that attests to the true power and savings involved in a telecom expense audit...

"In the last five years, we have cut our telecom expenses in half, saving more than $2.5 Million. GSI meticulously scrutinized our data service charges, won large refunds for billing errors, and negotiated more favorable contracts for us. It made me look like a hero."
- Rhodes Furniture

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